Gavin Furlonger

Gavin Furlonger – well known for his long-standing contribution to South Africa’s photographic community and one of it’s local heroes– embarked on a journey of unearthing and salvaging undiscovered and endangered
bodies of photographic works some twenty years ago.

With an increasing realization that there was an abundance of local photographers’ work being lost, more and more, as time moved along Furlonger created a shelter which he named as P.A.P.A’ ( Photographic
Archival and Preservation Association ) – to act as a home to the lost collections.

To bring continued public awareness Gallery F decided to curate a second Chapter to showcase more of the precious images, always in B/W, that existed within the PAPA archives.

Featured photographers were Juhan Kuus, Billy Monk, Ginger Odes, John Adriaan, Pierre Crocqet, Michelle Loukidis, Basil Breakey, Obie Oberholzer, Gunther Komnick, Roy Zetisky and Ian Difford.