Gavin Furlonger, the captain of the ship, the dreamer who brought this whole project to life, became increasingly aware of how much of our local (South African) work was disappearing, started a company named PAPA-SA (Photographic Archival & Preservation Association South Africa) fifteen years ago with the specific purpose of saving endangered analogue photography and has continued to follow this passion discovering many unique life-bodies of work that would otherwise have been lost forever. In order to showcase these photographic treasures, he opened Gallery F some years later where we continue to exhibit these wonderful works & historic moments today.

Sean Furlonger, also a photographer based in Cape Town, the digital wizard who shares the same passion, has jumped on board in order to help grow and preserve the ever increasing discoveries of entirely lost moments in our history. Mixing the old with the new & combining analogue with the new demands of the digital age in order to bring about more awareness of some timeless moments captured. Together we are Gallery F.

Gallery F