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Ruvan Boshoff tells us how he aquired his signed James Soullier print.

A conversation between Gavin Furlonger & Ruvan Boshoff when he popped into the gallery to talk about how he acquired this signed print from James Soullier.

“Jimi influenced us, because he had a nice way of telling stories…It was all about telling stories.”

Ruvan embarked on his photographic journey in the early 1980s while serving in the military. His passion for capturing moments led him to explore the art of visual storytelling during his compulsory military operational service. As he honed his skills, Ruvan transitioned to professional work, joining the esteemed teams at The Star and later the Sunday Times in Johannesburg.

At these renowned publications, Ruvan collaborated with a constellation of fellow photographers, each leaving an indelible mark on South African photography. Among his esteemed colleagues were:

  • Juhan Kuus: A visionary photographer known for his evocative images that delved into the heart of social and political issues.
  • Ken Oosterbroek: A photojournalist with an unyielding commitment to documenting the tumultuous transition from apartheid to democracy.
  • Dale Yudelman: An artist who skillfully captured the essence of everyday life, infusing his work with authenticity and empathy.
  • David Sanison: A master of visual storytelling, David’s lens revealed the multifaceted tapestry of South African society.

Together, this talented cohort of photographers shaped the narrative of their nation, capturing both its struggles and triumphs through their compelling imagery. Ruvan’s contributions, alongside those of his esteemed peers, continue to resonate in the annals of South African photography.

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James Soullier

Famed for his love of his Leica camera, which he refused to move from despite his peers shifting to more modern technology, James was renowned for his passion for natural, ambient light and was never observed using a flash.



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